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Senior Poverty &

Food Insecurity




Ecumenical Food Pantry

Hunger Relief License Plate


  • 1/3 of Americans over 65 are in low income households
  • 50% of older Americans will encounter at least one year of poverty between the ages of 60 and 90
  • Food insecure seniors are more likely to develop depression, report heart attacks and develop asthma
  • Every dollar spent on feeding food insecure Americans saves approximately $50 in Medicaid costs
  • For seniors, Food Is Medicine.  Adequate food results in a better response to meds, maintenance of strength, higher chance of recovery and prevention of illnesses

Huge thanks to both the local Lions Club and Rotary.  At their recent auction, they raised nearly $2,500 for the food pantry! Thank you to everyone who made this possible!

Here's how it works...

Once 2,000 Mainers have signed up for the NEW Food Pantry Plate, the Secretary of State's office will print and release this new specialty license plate raising money for hunger relief efforts.
Plate pre-orders are $25.  Each plate sold buys 40 meals!
Money generated from Pantry Plate sales will go into thePantry Plate Fund, which be used for the purchase of fruits and vegetables from Maine farmers for distribution to food pantries and other ending hunger organizations in Maine.
So your contribution will not only put 40 meals on the table for food insecure families and children, but will also support Maine farmers by supporting their businesses.  This will help grow the economy, create jobs, and support local agriculture.
By putting local produce in the hands of those in need - Maine children in particular - you are providing a lifeline for your hungry neighbors.
Help us reach our goal!
Order your plate, like us on facebook, and tell your friends!