Again this year, Jim Erskine (owner of Sully's Extraordinary Dogs) has given local residents and vacationers an opportunity to not only have a great hot dog, but to also donate to the food pantry.  He leaves a jar on the table and patrons are free to donate, if they wish - with absolutely NO pressure.  This year, he has received over $1130 - which he has given to the pantry to help cover the cost of feeding the ever-increasing number of people in need. Thank you, Jim, for making this opportunity available!

Very special thanks to SECOND CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH for hosting the food pantry - we couldn't continue to serve the ever increasing number of people requiring our assistance without their generosity

Thanks to all the volunteers - including about 20 Lincoln Academy Students.  We distributed 225 baskets!  



What's Going On

At The Food Pantry?

Ecumenical Food Pantry

On October 1st a new change went into effect.  The change means that able bodied adults without dependents, between the ages of 18 and 50 will be limited to three months of SNAP benefits in a 36 month period.  The 3-month time limit does not apply to individuals who are: (1) working or participating in an FS/SNAP approved work or training program for at least 20 hours per week; (2) medically certified as physically or mentally unfit for employment; (3) responsible for a dependent child or caring for an adult with a disability; (4) pregnant; (5) participating in a substance abuse treatment program; or (6) attending approved school at least half time.

If you are aware of a child up to age 18 who has a financial need for sports equipment, uniforms, or other related items in order to participate in athletics please request a grant application by going online at , click on Karl’s Kids and print off an application.  
Karl F. Berger was an athletic, playful, and a generous community leader. He passed away suddenly in June 2007. Karl and his wife, Mary, had two sons, K. Richard and Gregory M. Berger. He was a role model for many other youngsters. Karl enjoyed downhill skiing, golfing, baseball (as a pitcher, coach, and umpire for many decades), boating, swimming, basketball, horseback riding, tennis, hiking and playing with children wherever he lived or traveled. He also had a passion for serving the community. Karl’s Kids has been created to honor and continue Karl’s passion to support community youth and their development through athletics.  
The Karl's Kids Mission:
Helping Lincoln County youth to get involved in athletics when they otherwise may not have been afforded the opportunity.

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