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Here's a copy of the letter that was written by Carol Hartman and printed in Lincoln County News

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering friends and family for a special meal, but some families find it difficult to afford the turkey and "fixings" to celebrate the holiday.

Recently, members of the community came together to help make Thanksgiving possible for 231 Lincoln County families.

Again this year, through the generosity of many donors, the Ecumenical Food Pantry was able to coordinate the preparation of Thanksgiving Food Baskets to allow some families to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  With a contribution from Supplies Unlimited, the effort began in October with the mailing of over 300 donor letters.

This brought a very generous response, funding the purchase of turkeys, roasting chickens, and other food stuffs from Yellowfront Grocery in Damariscotta and Good Shepherd Food Bank.  Donations of food from the community were also received and incorporated in the baskets.  Local farms including Clark Farms, Clark's Cove Orchard, Biscay Orchardss, and County Fair Farm donated fresh produce.  Hannaford contributed a gift certificate, useful in purchasing more produce.  

Once all the essentials were gathered and arranged for, there was aneed for many hand to pack the baskets.  Volunteers for the community, from the seven churches that support the Ecumenical Food Pantry, and students and faculty from Lincoln Academy's service club and International residence program all met at St. Patrick's Parish Center to organize over 3 tons of food into 231 baskets.  

The baskets were then loaded into trucks for distribution to families at 10 town offices: Alna, Bremen, Bristol, Damariscotta, Dresden, Newcastle, Nobleboro, South Bristol, Waldoboro, and Whitefield.

The enthusiasm of the L.A. students spurred everyone on and made light work of the effort.




Brie Wajer and Noah Dawson deliver Christmas dinner totes

Sheepscott Village Day Care Donates for Christmas

Thanksgiving Baskets

For the third year, the Sheepscott Village Day Care has blessed the pantry with totes filled to overflowing with more than enough food for a Christmas dinner!  They even had a turkey in each tote - and the recipient got to keep the tote!  What a great effort was put into these gifts.  This year, ten totes were brought in by Brie Wajer and Noah Dawson.  They were raffled off to ten VERY happy clients.  Clients that didn't win a tote still received enough food to make a wonderful dinner.

Ecumenical Food Pantry


Again this year, Jim Erskine raised money for the food pantry without saying a word!  At his hot dog stand there is a donation jar.  When customers come to get a hot dog, they can put money in the jar, if they want.  Only if they ask are they told that the money collected goes to a VERY good cause - the Ecumenical Food Pantry!  This year, Jim blessed the pantry with a check for $1,000!  An amazing show of generosity by his customers! Thank you, Jim, for giving people the opportunity to give!


Each year Patty Palmer hosts a big party for her friends.  Each person is asked to bring something - some bring cash donations which go toward mission work in South America - and some bring food which goes to the food pantry.  This year, Patty delivered sixteen boxes of food. This food will be distributed over the next few weeks.  Thank you, Patty, for considering the needs of your neighbors!